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Lauren Neal

Lauren Neal

Actor and Filmmaker

Lion & Lamb Studio

I am an actor, filmmaker, and data scientist from Aurora, Colorado, a graduate of both Brown University’s Department of Theatre Arts & Performance Studies and the University of Virginia’s School of Data Science.

My first directing endeavor was the satirical pilot “Spicy Wit”, shot with aspiring actors, amateur crew, and $1500. The project, which I also wrote and produced, was featured in Ebony, Indiewire, and Huffington Post. I went on to co-produce “The Lovely Rejects,” for which I was also nominated for Best Lead Actress at IFF London. Additional acting credits and accolades include “Westworld”, “The Sympathy Card”, and Hollyweb Festival’s Best Guest Actor in a Comedy. 

In 2020, I won the Hyundai Emerging Director Award for my short film “Healing Me”, and in the fall of 2021, my team was a finalist in the “We Make Movies” pitch competition.

I serve as the resident data scientist at Castability, a start-up devoted to providing actors with actionable feedback and quantitative analysis of their work. I am currently developing an AI-assisted app for actors and their representatives.

I live in Los Angeles with my wife, Jill, and our cats.

You can learn more about me by checking out my IMDB, Twitter, Linkedin or my latest movie, Under the Influencer.

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