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Amaru Zeas

Amaru Zeas

Art Director and Filmmaker


Originally from Ecuador, Amaru is a Senior Art Director based in Austin, TX, currently working at AWS.   Since he was a little boy, he dreamt about making movies. In 2007 Amaru moved to Seattle, US to pursue his dream, and in 2010 he obtained his bachelor’s in Media Arts and Animation. 

Since then, he has won multiple awards for his creative CG art and his work has been published numerous times by magazines, and web articles around the world.

Amaru made his debut as a movie director in 2021, when he produced his short film, Life Hunter. With his second film, Picchu,  Amaru pays tribute to his own culture and dedicates the film to all the children in the world.  

You can learn more about him at Linkedin and Behance.

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