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Optimize Yourself Podcast Interview about Reinventing Yourself

Optimize Yourself Podcast Interview about Reinventing Yourself

Zack Arnold, Film and TV editor, Editor of Cobra Kai and the amazing founder behind Optimize Yourself, invited me to his podcast for a one and a half hour chat all about reinventing yourself and your career, at any age.

I had an amazing time with him and we covered many topics including:

  • My story of coming to the US with little money.

  • Why I decided to shift careers from tech to filmmaking at the age of 56.

  • Mindsets and strategies to use to shift careers.

  • Why the entrepreneur mindset is important.

  • The concept of Plan B and how to apply it.

  • How to have a side project while working full time.

  • The key to learning something new and how to even begin.

  • Key mindsets and strategies to manage failure.

  • My approach to AI while pursuing a career in filmmaking.

  • My definition of the word ‘success’.

I invite you to watch it below or you can listen to it via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Spotify.

I also highly recommend you check out Zach's website to learn how to "optimize yourself" so you can have the success you want in your life, however you define success.

Thank you Zach for the awesome chat and your amazing advice too!

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