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Introducing The Color Crafter Website

Introducing The Color Crafter Website

Today, I officially launched my new website, The Color Crafter. Let me explain a bit about it and how I got here.

Back in June 2023, I decided to go back to school, focusing on filmmaking, specifically post production. I enrolled at the UCLA Extension Filmmaking Program and started taking courses. Currently, I'm on my last 2 courses and will get my certificate on June 17th of this year (exactly 1 year since I started the program).

At first I thought I wanted to go into directing, but I didn't enjoy that role as much as I thought I would. I then though editing would be my thing, until I tried it and realized it was not for me, mainly because I can't see myself working on the same project for multiple months. I like variety.

I kept taking courses and trying to find "my spot" in filmmaking. I'm both creative and technical, in fact, I really love the technical aspects of filmmaking, so I kept searching for a position that intersects creativity and technology. I took a class in Post Production for Film and TV and though that being a Post Production Supervisor would be that, but it was not, it's mainly focused on the management side of Post.

Last quarter I enrolled in the Color Correcting for Film and TV class and bam! I found what I've been searching for! I fell in love with color grading / correcting. Why? It's very creative and tech heavy and the projects you work on are usually short term, so there is a lot of variety involved.

From the tech side you need to know a lot about video technology, how it works, how to use the tools, how to set up workflows, how to read scopes, color theory and more.

Color grading is also very creative, and requires good people skills and excellent communication skills as you work a lot with the DP and/or Director of the film.

So there you have it, my goal is to be a full time colorist by the end of this year and have already started that process by working on a few small films and commercials, so if you have a film or video you need help on, let's chat!

Also, don't forget to send me your feedback on what you think I can do to improve the website.

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