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Tim Greene

Tim Greene

Writer, Director & Filmmaker


I’m a South African filmmaker who’s always been interested in finding fresh solutions to the challenges of independent movie making.  Here in South Africa, I’m probably best known for crowd-financing my first feature film (Boy Called Twist, the story of a Cape Town street kid, based on Dickens’ classic Olive Twist) back in 2003, long before Kickstarter or Go Fund Me or the term ‘crowd-sourcing’ had even been coined.  I got 1000 investors to each invest a few hundred dollars, and was able to shoot my first feature.  During hard lockdown in 2020 I manage to make the world’s first feature film called Cabin Fever using actors on four continents.

I’ve been a show-runner on about a dozen high end dramas over the years, and I also work as an film editor, but over the last year I’ve grown increasingly interested in virtual filmmaking and have been teaching myself to use Unreal Engine.

I recently decided to branch out into a side-career generating 3D pre-visualizations as a service for filmmakers, hoping to create a revenue stream while honing my animation skills in preparation for becoming a one man filmmaking machine in the years to come.

Feel free to check out my Vimeo Channel.

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