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Noah Chamow

Noah Chamow

Visual Effects Editor

Assistant Editor Bootcamp

I have worked as a Visual Effects Editor for several years on projects including Amazon’s Hunters Season 2 and the recently released spinoff of the Boys, Gen V.   

I got my start as an Assistant Editor in reality television, working on and off for over ten years on projects including NBC's The Voice and Discovery’s Naked and Afraid. Along with assistant editing I've worked as everything from a Broadcast Engineer to a Finishing Editor but I find that VFX editing is the perfect balance of technical and creative.   

I’m also very passionate about education and I run a program called Assistant Editors' Bootcamp through which I try to help other assistants to hone their skills and help those who are new to assisting to get the experience they need to get started.  

You can learn more about me at Linkedin, IMDB or the Assistant Editor’s Bootcamp site.

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