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Jason Bowdach

Jason Bowdach

Colorist and Finishing Artist


Hi! I’m Jason Bowdach and I’m a colorist and finishing artist based in Los Angeles, California. I’ve worked on feature films, broadcast television, and streaming platforms with clients such as Adobe, Google, Fox, and Disney-ABC.

In 2019, I founded PixelTools which focuses on improving the filmmaking process via the development of artist-focused color grading tools and training. When I’m not color grading or developing tools for the job, I’m writing and teaching others about the magic of color and post technology on websites such as Mixing Light, Lowepost, TAC Resolve, and Adobe.

I’m a proud member of the Colorist Society, a professional organization representing colorists around the globe, and the NABET Local 53. 

You can learn more about me at Linkedin, Twitter or PixelTools.

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