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Freddy Chávez Olmos

Freddy Chávez Olmos

AI Creative Director

Boxel Studio

Freddy Chávez OImos is a seasoned professional in the field of visual effects, boasting an impressive career spanning over 17 years. Hailing from Puebla, Mexico, Freddy honed his skills in special effects make-up through studies in Los Angeles, where he had the privilege of being mentored by the legendary Dick Smith, renowned for his work on "THE EXORCIST."

Based in Vancouver, Freddy has contributed his expertise to a multitude of prestigious projects, helmed by renowned directors such as Guillermo del Toro, Neill Blomkamp, Robert Rodriguez, Tim Burton, and Christopher Nolan. He has lent his talents to Oscar and Emmy-winning VFX studios, including Double Negative, Industrial Light & Magic, Method Studios, Weta Digital, Image Engine, Fuse FX, and Scanline VFX. More of his recent vfx contributions are featured in the popular STAR WARS series "OBI WAN-KENOBI" and the third season of "THE MANDALORIAN" for Disney Plus.  

Freddy's directorial debut, the short film "SHHH," garnered international acclaim, receiving numerous awards and amassing nearly 1 million views upon its online release. The film's striking visual style even earned praise from Guillermo del Toro himself.

An active member of the Directors Guild of Canada, Freddy directed an episode for the CW and Netflix anthology series "TWO SENTENCE HORROR STORIES." He also wrote an episode for the upcoming season of the legendary Mexican horror anthology series "LA HORA MARCADA," set to premiere this year.

Presently, Freddy serves as the Creative Director for Artificial Intelligence at Boxel Studio, where his expertise in blending AI with creativity comes into play. He is also a sought-after guest speaker, gracing esteemed events such as San Diego's Comic-Con, TEDx, ACM Siggraph, and Spark Fx.

You can learn more about him at Linkedin, Twitter or his personal site.

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