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Brent Jacoby

Brent Jacoby

CEO & Founder

I’m an accomplished TV producer and development executive who has left an indelible mark on the world of unscripted television. With a keen eye for premium formats and captivating docu-series, I became a trailblazer in the industry, crafting exceptional content for cable, digital, and broadcast networks.

I most recently served as  the EVP of Development for Comcast/Sky Studios Catalina Content, where our unparalleled expertise led to the development and production of over 100 hours of programming. Our visionary approach resulted in a series of noteworthy shows on esteemed platforms such as Peacock, Oxygen, and Discovery+, including producing one of the highest critically rated shows for D+ called The Mighty Underdogs.

Prior to that, I held the position of Head of Development at ITV America's Outpost Entertainment. During that time, we curated series for various networks including History, Discovery, A&E, and Food Network. I played an instrumental role in the creation of A&E's captivating series, OJ: Guilty In Vegas where I also served as an Executive Producer.

Furthermore, I made significant contributions as the VP of Development at Pilgrim Studios, a Lionsgate company where I developed and sold series to Discovery, A&E, History, Abc and Netflix.   

My journey in the television industry began with producer stints on shows such as Wipeout on ABC, Game Show In My Head on CBS, Ax Men on History, Dudesons In America on MTV, and True Beauty on ABC.

You can learn more about me at Linkedin or my company, SuperSpark AI.

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