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Getting Organized for the Transition

Transitioning to Filmmaking : Getting Organized

Today in the US, it's Labor Day. A very kick back day. It's time for BBQs. No one is out driving. It's a perfect day to get organized and come up with a system that will help me reach my goals of transitioning to filmmaking.

I use a variety of tools to keep me organized, but my main tool of choice for managing projects has always been Trello. To me, becoming a filmmaker is just another project, therefore, I'm using this tool to help me stay organized and visually see what I have to do, what's in progress and what I have completed (seeing what I have completed is a great way to stay excited and motivated).

I created a board called "Transitioning to Filmmaking" and made it public so you can check it out and see what I'm doing to get there.

Trello Board: Transitioning to Filmmaking Project

I also created another board for my filmmaking classes I'm taking at UCLA Extension, again, I see this as another project that I need to track to make sure I reach its goal, finishing the program and getting my certificate. This one I didn't make public.

Trello Board: UCLA Extension Filmmaking Program

There you have it. For me getting organized prior to starting to do everything is a very important thing. I guess doing this keeps my OCD happy.

Other things I worked on

  • Worked on my final paper for my Language of Filmmaking class at UCLA Extension, which is due this Thursday, September 7, 2023.

  • Prepared for tomorrow's recording of the next episode of Transitioning to Filmmaking podcast where I'll interview Nem Perez about how to build a film pitch deck using AI.

  • Reached out to Lawrence Jordan, the creator of the Master the Workflow program to chat about assistant editing and also to get him on my podcast, Transitioning to Filmmaking.

Until the next entry!

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