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Redesigning My Website

Transitioning to Filmmaking Day 1: Redesigning My Website

Today I finished the redesign of The site was previously primarily focused on promoting other filmmakers, while I stayed in the background. That's because I was more of an influencer then a creator. Don't get me wrong, I did create, but the split was basically 70% / 30% (influencer / creator). I have to flip that around to properly make the transition to filmmaking.

I need to create at least 70% of the time or forever I'll be an influencer and not a filmmaker.

I still want to promote other filmmakers because this is an industry of collaboration and there are some amazing filmmakers out there, but I have focus more on what I create. With that said, I redesigned my site to be more focused on what I'm learning, what I'm creating and who I'm collaborating with.

You'll find the following sections to my site:

  • Projects: Projects I've completed on my own or in collaboration with other filmmakers.

  • Journal: Daily journal entries of what I'm doing to transition to filmmaking.

  • Podcast: What was previously "Filmmakers on the Cutting Edge", is now "Transitioning to Filmmaking".

  • Tutorials: Tutorials showing you what I've learned. I will also, from time to time, have guests on it.

  • Presentations: I love presenting in conferences, meetups and other events. Here you will find a list of where I'm presenting next.

  • About: Just like Mel Brook's book, this place is "All About Me"

  • Contact: Get a hold me.

I hope you like my redesign and feel free to send me any feedback about it.

Until the next entry!

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