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DaVinci Resolve Color Grading Learning Resources

Transitioning to Filmmaking Day 21: Resources for Learning Color Grading in DaVinci Resolve

I decided that I need to learn how to color correct and color grade in DaVinci Resolve and not in Premiere Pro or Avid Media Composer. But where do I start? How do I learn how Resolve is used in a professional manner. What's the workflow like and more important, where and how can I learn how to use it?

The first step I took to hopefully find the answers to these questions were by visiting the Facebook Groups I'm a member of including Ask an Editor, Blue Collar Post Collective and DaVinci Resolve for Professional Users. I highly recommend these groups as the members are very supportive and helpful to newbies like me.

I posted the following question in each of those groups, after finding a course on learning how to color correct in DaVinci Resolve that costs $249.

Hi all! I'm new to color correcting / grading and Davinci Resolve. I'm looking for a good course that will give me a good foundation on color grading and how to use Resolve for that (not editing). I was looking at this course from Casey Ferris: It's $249 though, so it's a bit much. Do you recommend this? If not, do you have any other recommendations?

I got so many answers, with one looking better then the other, so it was hard to decide which way to go. Below is a summary of what was recommended to me, followed with what I finally chose and why.

YouTube Channels




At the end of the day, I'm going the free route. I will start by studying the "Colorist Guide to DaVinci Resolve" book and then take the Certification class, which is free.

After that, if I still have questions, I will be hitting some of the YouTube channels listed above.

That's it for today. I hope this journal entry helps you on your way to becoming a colorist.

Until the next entry!

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03 de out. de 2023

Love this!! wow what a great use of resources in these groups and to share your findings here and link to back there is how I found this!! And it’s certainly desired! Many thanks! I might have to do this myself with a little link cheat sheet e-mail I have for part107 license!

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