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Creating a Portfolio for My Projects

Transitioning to Filmmaking Day 16: Creating a Portfolio for My Projects

Between my school and my "side" client's filmmaking projects, I've been creating a lot lately. To get new clients or even a new job in filmmaking, I need to be able to show off those projects, which means they have to live online somewhere so people can find them.

I decided to spend most of the day today updating my website by adding a new section called "Projects", basically my online portfolio.

This is the page that lists all the projects I've worked on so far. You can see the new "Projects" navigation item at the top of the navigation page. "All Projects" Section "All Projects" Section

For each project, I have a "project details page", which has the project name, detailed information about the project, a video to watch the actual project, the tools and processes I used in that project, where to get more information and who actually worked on that project (most of the time it's just me, but sometimes, I'm part of a team, so I list them as well). "Project Detail" Section "Project Detail" Section

Because I come from the tech industry and because I was heavily involved in the creation of content management systems (CMS), I designed the above to be just 2 pages (known as templates) powered by the CMS inside of Wix. The "all projects" template, lists every project I entered in the CMS, ordered by the latest date I enter them. The "projects detail" template, lists the specific project with all the details for that project the user selects.

All I have to do every time I want to add a new project is just enter a line in the CMS and it will automatically be added to the "All Projects" page and also automatically create a "detail page" for that project. No coding, no HTML required.

The CMS that powers my "Projects" portfolio.
The CMS that powers my "Projects" portfolio.

There you have it! Now I have an online portfolio with 4 projects. As I complete more projects, I'll be adding them here, so keep an eye on that section.

Until the next entry!

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