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Adobe MAX Sneak Peaks

Transitioning to Filmmaking Day 30: Adobe MAX Sneak Peaks

Adobe gave us a sneak peak at what their developers are working on and what may be coming soon to an Adobe app near you. Without a surprise, most of what they are working on involves some sort of AI powered feature and/or app.

My notes below will give you an overview of the technology and the video immediately below it is the actual presentation of that project. I'm only covering here what I'm interested in.

If you want to see the entire presentation with all the projects, you can by watching the first video below.

Adobe Max 2023 Sneaks Presentation (Complete)

Project Fast Fill

The ability to use generative fill, but for video! Yes!

Project Draw and Delight

Draw using simple doodles of what you want to have AI create for you and it magically appears. The actual image created is a vector image you can use in Adobe Illustrator. You can also create variations (e.g. different poses) of the same character to maintain consistency across your image generations.

Project Scene Change

Compositing various videos will never be the same. This technology will correct lens and movement of one video to match the other video and allow you to composite both videos to look perfectly as if they were shot as one.

Project Poseable

Create poses in 3D, then use those to generate AI scenes (images) that match the poses you want for your characters.

Project Res Up

I didn't think this was so amazing, as I've been using Topaz Video AI and have been uprezzing for a while now, but it's still a cool project to see.

Project Dub Dub Dub

Another project I found useful, but was not blown away by it because I have used HeyGen for dubbing, and for now, HeyGen does a much better job. Still, very cool and hopefully they will incorporate this technology into Premiere Pro one day.

Project See Through

This one is really cool! You can actually remove reflections (using AI) in your photographs so you can see the object that has those reflections 100% clear. Just check out the video to see how cool it is.

Project Stardust

This is the next generation photo editing application where it recognizes all the objects (using AI) in a photograph (e.g. people, chairs, tables, cars, etc) and let's you easily move them around, delete them, replace them, etc.

It's pretty amazing how technology is advancing so quickly. We are entering a new world with AI and how creative folks will be creating in the next 5 to 10 years.

Until the next entry!

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