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Adobe MAX Day 1

Transitioning to Filmmaking Day 28: Adobe MAX Day 1

There is nothing like attending a creative conference in person! I loved Adobe MAX. I met tons of nice people, learned a lot and got really inspired. For me, the highlight was the Keynote. However, I also took a class, Advanced Editing Techniques in Premiere Pro, taught by Abba Shapiro.

Below, you'll find my notes from that keynote and class.

Adobe MAX Keynote Summary

The keynote covered all of Adobe's Creative Suite apps, including all the current and beta updates.

Adobe MAX Keynote Main Stage
Adobe MAX Keynote Main Stage

Adobe MAX Keynote Photoshop History Timeline
Adobe MAX Keynote Photoshop History Timeline

The CEO had the opening speech and made an interesting comment, which I agree with 100%.

"Gen AI is not an end, but an ingredient in your creative process." -Shantanu Narayen, Adobe CEO

He also had a great quote about how the art community reacted when the photography camera came out. Of course, making a connection to how people are reacting today towards AI today.

"Painting is dead." -Paul Delaroche, French Painter, reacting to the Photography camera invention.


  • Version 2.0 is now out.

  • Web app for experimenting with AI models.

  • Adobe's AI Goals with Firefly

    • Integrate into all tools.

    • It should be commercially safe.

    • Training data must be transparent.

  • Firefly is a family of models

    • Text to Image model

    • Text to Vector model

    • Text to Design Template model

Creative Cloud

  • Goals of Adobe with AI

    • Creative exploration

    • Productivity enhancement

    • Creative control

    • Community


  • Generative Fill / Expand.

  • Generative Outpainting / Inpainting.

  • Adding / Removing objects.

  • How to use generative fill for blending two images (or more).

  • Editable gradients.

  • Ability to generate water with reflections.

  • Adjustment layer presets

  • Photoshop on the web is now in beta.


  • Mobile app now available.

  • Lens blur powered by AI.

  • Point color.

  • HDR Curves

  • Denoise powered by AI.


  • Firefly vector model integrated.

  • Retype feature can be used to analyze an image's text and fonts and convert them to vector fonts.

  • Generative recolor is incorporated into the latest version of Illustrator.

  • Text to vector using AI is now incorporated into the beta version of Illustrator.

  • You can create icons, subjects, scenes and objects with text to vector.

  • You can use the style picker tool to choose a style from another image and apply it to the current image.

  • Illustrator on the web is now in beta.

Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Transcription using AI.

  • Text Editing using AI.

  • Filler Word filter for removing all filler words in a timeline.

  • Enhanced speech using AI (used to be Adobe Podcast).

Frame IO

  • Available now for all projects types, not just video.

Adobe Express

  • Image Creation AI powered via Firefly 2.

  • Text Effects AI powered via Firefly 2.

  • You can collaborate with other team members on a project just like you do in Google Docs.

  • It supports multiple mediums including video, PDF, images, etc.

  • You can create templates and lock items to maintain branding consistency.

  • You can now add transitions in scenes.

  • It has a powerful content scheduler / publisher for social media.

  • It incorporates generative fill.

  • It incorporates Text to Template (via AI Template Generation)

    • Create variations tool.

    • Includes images, fonts, text and color.

    • Translate project into 40 different languages.

    • They are currently working on an AI assistant (in the likes of ChatGPT) to help you design.

Advanced Editing Techniques in Premiere Pro

Advanced Editing Techniques in Premiere Pro
Advanced Editing Techniques in Premiere Pro

  • Taught by Abba Shapiro.

  • Premiere Pro project templates. Very cool to use and set up for recurring projects (e.g. TV show episodes).

  • Effects manager lets you manage effects (turn them on and off if they are bugging out).

  • Holding CMD while clicking on the Premiere Pro icon, will give you the chance to reset the entire app.

  • If you are working with 4K footage on a 1080 timeline, always "set to framesize", don't "scale to framesize".

  • Use the "D" key to select the clip the timeline indicator is on top of.

  • Double clicking the monitor with a clip in it will select the "motion" effect and let you edit it visually in the monitor.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

    • CMD + ~ (Tilde) Makes the monitor (program window) full screen.

    • Hold K while clicking on the L or J key will move 1 frame at a time either way.

    • Shift + Left Arrow or Right Arrow will move + or - 5 frames.

    • Shift + Up Arrow or Down Arrow will travel to the next or previous edit points in the timeline ignoring active / inactive track selectors.

    • Shift + I or Shift + O will go to the in point or out point.

    • Option + X will clear both the in and out points.

    • Shift + 1 (2, 3, 4) will switch windows from the project window (1) to the source window (2) to the timeline (3) to the program monitor (4)

    • Shift + 5 will bring up the effect controls.

    • Shift + 7 will bring up the effects window.

    • CMD + T will select edit points.

That's it for day 1. Next article I'll cover day 2 activities!

Until the next entry!

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